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The Freedom Process: One, Two, Three

The images have been narrowed down and I am closer to choosing the final images that will be included in this series. Here is a teaser of some of the best of the first three images.






The Freedom Process Project

Entering Into Freedom

Welcome to my photo series. This is a photo series centered on suffering and its relation to freedom, love, and community. If you choose to participate, your stories and identity will never be revealed, they will provide a collaborative effort in inspiring new photos for the series.

Why Suffering?

My simple answer is: freedom. I believe there is immense freedom in facing your past and putting to rest the lies we tell ourselves. An expanded version of that answer is, to promote community and growth. As you may know, it is easy to keep things locked away and be bound by our past, and my hope is to unlock some of those stories and share them through the medium of photography. It is common to think that we are isolated in these experiences, sometimes to the point of creating our identity around it, but everyone is experiencing life and I believe we need an outlet to know we are not alone.


Join this project by:

–       Sharing your story with me.

–       Being a part of one of the photo shoots.

–       Providing props for the shoots as listed.